Daubert in Forensic Accounting

Examining the Finances of an Individual or Business

I write a chapter on Daubert challenges to Lost Profit Damages expert testimony for a leading expert’s manual. Because I am JD/PhD(economics) I speak forcefully on a range of Law & Economics topics, including one of the intersections of the two, Daubert in Lost Profit Damages expert testimony. I intend to put materials on the topic here, but when is uncertain. But if you have an LPD issue, call me and I can SPOT Daubert issues that you might not be trained to spot and advise you on your Daubert issue. I love this stuff and I’m happy to offer a complimentary consult. Plus my rate is probably lower than yours. Or you can buy the book at EVSWEBSITE>

I taught a forensic accounting course at Hiram College in 2018 and will put accounting and case materials from that class here.