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Specialized Skills.

We bring to your litigation team a set of specialized skills that provide powerful tools for lawyering Daubert matters and the extra-legal issues that often decide them. Because Daubert issues are often case dispositive, the party that commands the Daubert issues often commands the litigation. Our goal is always to put our law firm clients into that commanding position.

The low-risk legal solution

Law firm marketing gurus say that discerning consumers of legal services seek out the low-risk legal solution. While this constitutes an epiphany for some, it is actually a simple application of the financial principles we teach in the business schools where most of your most sophisticated corporate clients received their formal educations. Those principles say that enterprises trade off risk against return, that high return is a good while risk is a bad, and that managers should maximize return while minimizing risk. Expert issues are among the highest risk (measured as variance around an expected value) issues litigated today, if for no other reason than that judges have a higher tendency for error in such matters than in matters where they are more firmly grounded. One of DaubertExpert's primary functions is to help you to educate your judge through briefs and other avenues so as to minimize these risks.





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