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DaubertExpert provides a complete array of Daubert and expert testimony lawyering services to civil and commercial litigators who are handling matters that have expert testimony issues; from discovery and deposition, to the core issues of Daubert challenges and responses to those challenges, along with deposition, hearing and trial preparation and expert testimony based appeals.

We "spot" scientific, financial and technical issues in expert testimony that more generally focused lawyers are not trained to see, and that non-lawyer experts are not trained to appreciate, and then scrutinize the expert testimony from the perspective of the scientific methods that are required by Daubert. We can often work effectively in the background and can usually help in spotting issues, drafting briefs, deposing or preparing experts for deposition or trial, and trial preparation and strategy. We work primarily in commercial litigation, but most of the principles are the same in other areas of law and we can work effectively across a range of practice areas.





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