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It is more true all the time that there is an extra-legal core competency required to apply optimally the rules for admissibility of expert testimony. Counsel should know that the Federal Judicial Center provides each federal judge with its Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence 2d ed. (2000). It provides largely self contained treatments of a number of expert testimony expertise areas, including the nature of science, and reference manuals on statistics, econometrics, damages and engineering methods.  You can download individual chapters or the whole manual below.  You need Adobe Acrobat Reader, (which is available by clicking here or by going to www.adobe.com) to read or download the Manual.

Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence 2d ed. (2000)

Title page, contents, and Preface by Fern M. Smith (65 K)

Introduction, Stephen Breyer (65 K)

The Supreme Court's Trilogy on the Admissibility of Expert Evidence, Margaret A. Berger (163 K)

Management of Expert Evidence, William W Schwarzer & Joe S. Cecil (163 K)

How Science Works, David Goodstein (98 K)

Reference Guide on Statistics, David H. Kaye & David A. Freedman (455 K)

Reference Guide on Multiple Regression, Daniel L. Rubinfeld (260 K)

Reference Guide on Survey Research, Shari Seidman Diamond (228 K)

Reference Guide on Estimation of Economic Losses in Damages Awards, Robert E. Hall & Victoria A. Lazear (228 K)

Reference Guide on Epidemiology, Michael D. Green, D. Mical Freedman & Leon Gordis (260 K)

Reference Guide on Toxicology, Bernard D. Goldstein & Mary Sue Henifin (195K)

Reference Guide on Medical Testimony, Mary Sue Henifin, Howard M. Kipen & Susan R. Poulter (228 K)

Reference Guide on DNA Evidence, David H. Kaye & George F. Sensabaugh, Jr. (423 K)

Reference Guide on Engineering Practices and Methods, Henry Petroski (228 K)

Index (98 K)

Other Daubert sites I visit regularly.

www.daubertontheweb.com :   Webmastered by Peter Nordberg, a lawyer who truly gets Daubert and is a gentleman to boot.

http://www.mdexonline.com/services/dt/dau_index.cfm: DaubertTracker

http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/daubert/fl.htm: The Harvard Gatekeeping Project

A good general legal website

Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute


Employment Law Applications

Note, Beyond the Prima Facie Case in Employment Discrimination Law: Statistical Proof and Rebuttal, 89 Harv. L. Rev. 387 (1975).

Finkelstein, The Judicial Reception of Multiple Regression Studies in Race and Sex Discrimination Cases, 80 Colum. L. Rev. 737 (1980).

Rubinfeld, Econometrics in the Courtroom 85 Colum. L. Rev. 1048.

Lempert, Statistics in the Courtroom: Building on Rubinfeld 85 Colum. L. Rev. 1098 (1985).

Note: Title VII, Multiple Linear Regression Models, and the Courts: An Analysis J. Law & Contemp. Probs. Fall 1983, p. 284.

Feinberg, The Increasing Sophistication of Statistical Assessments as Evidence in Discrimination Litigation, 77 Am. Stat. A. J. 784 (1982).

Antitrust Applications

Proving Antitrust Damages: Legal and Economic Issues, Section of Antitrust Law of the American Bar Association, 1996.

Rubinfeld and Steiner, Quantitative Methods in Antitrust Litigation. Law and Contemp. Probs., Autumn 1983, at 69 (providing, in the words of two of the experts in the Ampicillin case, a description of the regression analysis that was the basis for the ampicillin expert testimony.)

Finkelstein and Levenbauch, Regression Estimates of Damages in Price Fixing Cases, Law and Contemp. Probs., Autumn 1983.

Securities Law Applications

Brown & Warner, Measuring Security Price Performance, 8 J. Fin. Econ. 205 (1980) (developing the event study technique).

Brown & Warner, Using Daily Stock Returns: The Case of Event Studies, 14 J. Fin. Econ. 3 (1985) (continuing development of the event study technique).

Fama et al., The Adjustment of Stock Prices to New Information, 10 Int'l. Econ. R. 1 (1969) is the first routinely cited event study article.





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